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At The Skin Clinic Direct, we’re proud to provide our customers with tried and tested products from the best skincare brands in the world. One of these renowned brands is UK-based Medik8, the expert inventors of a trademarked three-step skincare philosophy and worldwide innovators at the forefront of Vitamin A skincare research.

When it comes to sourcing the finest skincare products in the industry, we’ve honed our expertise throughout our 25 years as a beauty company to ensure that we always provide first-rate products for our customers. We’ve found that the Medik8 skincare brand has been continuously producing top-quality products since its launch in 2009, using ground-breaking technology to help reduce the effects of anti-ageing and many other skin concerns.

Where to find Medik8 products online

Though anti-ageing treatment is at the core of what they do, Medik8 also provides solution-specific skincare for a range of conditions. We can guarantee that these top of the range products will help to clear blemishes or pigmentation while also preventing premature ageing of the skin. You’ll only find Medik8 skincare products in brand-approved clinics, spas, and specialist stores that receive professional product training. This guarantees that you always receive the highest standards of attention, care, and tailored advice to make your skin the best it can be.

The Skin Clinic Direct is a qualified stockist of Medik8 in the UK, authorised to provide these industry-leading products to our valued customers. We offer all the established favourites plus the latest innovative treatments so you can build your ideal Medik8 skincare regime. Our selection of Medik8 products includes dedicated formulas for not only the face and lips, but also carefully created serums for the delicate skin around your eyes, plus exfoliating treatments for the entire body.

Professional skincare solutions from Medik8

From cleansing solutions to SPF lotions to advanced night creams, Medik8 has everything you might need to take excellent care of your skin every day. These products encourage the renewal of skin cells for plumper skin, hydration for softness and smoothness, and blemish reduction to minimise texture and pigmentation. Look no further for simple yet first-class skin repair solutions, whether you’re a skincare novice or a multi-step expert.

Be sure to check out each of our Medik8 products listed below to find out more about what they can do for your skin. Not only will this help you to identify which products are the right fit for your personal skincare needs, you’ll be in a better position to make an informed judgement based on their promised benefits.

If you’re unsure about which Medik8 product would best suit your requirements, the team at The Skin Clinic Direct will gladly assist in helping you find the ideal fit for your individual skin type. To contact us, simply give us a call on 01744 736 170 or email us at You can also fill out our online enquiry form and one of our friendly experts will respond to your message as soon as possible.


Medik8 Frequently Asked Questions

The Medik8 skincare company was founded in the UK by Elliot Isaacs, who studied physiology, pharmacology, and biochemistry at the University of Leeds. After graduating and backpacking around the globe, Isaacs used the knowledge of natural ingredients and ethical sourcing he’d collected to start his own cosmeceutical company, focusing on honest anti-ageing skincare.

From humble beginnings in a tiny lab in the back of his dad’s pharmacy, Isaacs has built the Medik8 brand into an international entity, supplying skincare products to those in need of a proven anti-ageing solution around the world.

Medik8 deals with the manufacture of all products from the brand using their own facilities in the UK. This ensures that every product is created with the brand's values of integrity and quality at the forefront, giving customers exactly what is promised on every occasion.

The Medik8 manufacturing processes are certified by the International Organisation for Standardisation, assuring quality and environmental responsibility for every batch. Their attention to detail and high standards mean that you’ll always receive the best possible product, no matter where in the world you are.

Additionally, all Medik8 products manufactured from July 2019 onwards are 100% vegan, and the company employs sustainability initiatives to reduce waste by using recycled materials in their packaging.

Yes! Medik8 is a completely vegan and cruelty-free brand. As per European regulations, Medik8 does not test on animals, nor do any of the suppliers they work with. While the brand was not initially vegan-friendly, all products switched to 100% vegan formulas from July 2019 onwards.

Medik8 did not use animal ingredients in their skincare, but they did use by-products such as beeswax and yoghurt extract. In order to make the switch to vegan-friendly formulas, Medik8 replaced these ingredients with natural alternatives derived from plants and vegetables.

For example, allantoin from comfrey roots replaces silk serica (from silk worms) in Ultimate Recovery Intense cream, and vegan probiotics from vegetable fermentation replace lactobacillus in the Balance Moisturiser & Glycolic Acid Activator. Plant-based cholesterol and vegan-friendly emulsifiers have also replaced animal by-products in any other skincare that previously used them.

The Skin Clinic Direct stocks a wide range of Medik8 products, targeting different aspects of skincare to meet the range of needs our customers might have. Of course, they all work together with the collective aim of improving the quality of your skin to a standard you can be proud of. However, each of our products has specific uses to ensure that your skincare problems are dealt with as effectively as possible.

Our Medik8 skincare collection includes a variety of exfoliators, cleansers, and toners to purify your skin, plus serums, retinols, and sunscreens to rejuvenate skin and protect it against premature ageing. There’s a Medik8 product available for every step of your skincare routine, including blemish treatments.

Many of our customers are pleased with the versatility of our range, as they often feel like mainstream companies can rarely meet their individual requirements. Each Medik8 product description on our website will explain which ingredients are included, what it does for your skin, and how to use it correctly to ensure the best results.

Be sure to read the description of each of our Medik8 products in detail before making a purchase to double-check that it’s right for your skin. You can also get in touch with one of our experts to discuss all things Medik8 and the bespoke products they offer if you need more advice.
Many Medik8 products are suitable for all skin types, but some are specially formulated for specific skin conditions. Each product description will provide more information about what exactly it does and which skin types it works best for, so be sure to read the page carefully before selecting and ordering a Medik8 product.

To give you a helping hand, here are some suggestions for suitable products to use for the most common skin types.

Best Medik8 products for oily skin or enlarged pores:

Best Medik8 products for blemish-prone skin:

Best Medik8 products for dry skin:

Best Medik8 products for sensitive skin:

Best Medik8 products for hyperpigmentation:

Medik8 products that are safe to use around the eyes:
You can find detailed information about each Medik8 skincare product we supply on their dedicated pages, including a list of ingredients and instructions on how to apply them. If you’re new to Medik8 and don’t know where to start with product selection, simply follow the brand’s CSA philosophy:

  • C (Vitamin C) – provides antioxidants, stimulates collagen production, reduces pigment
  • S (Sunscreen) – protection against the biggest cause of skin damage, UV rays
  • A (Vitamin A) – speeds up cell renewal, reduces sebum production

Begin by choosing a Vitamin C product to apply in the morning, a sunscreen product to apply when going outside, and a Vitamin A product to apply at night. Following and maintaining this straightforward philosophy should lead to smoother and softer skin within a few months, with a visibly brighter and more youthful complexion.

However, you should be aware that many Vitamin A Medik8 products include a form of retinol, which has strict application instructions to prevent irritation and potential damage from overuse. Always read the product details before buying Medik8 retinol products to make sure you use the appropriate concentration.

If you require any further assistance regarding Medik8 and its extensive range of products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly team would love to assist you on your Medik8 skincare journey.
There are dozens of Medik8 skincare products to choose from, and you only have one face, so we understand why choosing products can be confusing when you’re just starting out on your skincare journey.

To help you figure out the which, when, and why of using Medik8 skincare, here is a simple summary of what your morning and evening routines should look like:

  • Light cleanser to remove overnight oil build-up
  • Direct acid or hydrating toner to help following products penetrate
  • Target serum (for fighting a specific issue such as dry skin, premature ageing etc)
  • Vitamin C product to protect your skin against pollutants throughout the day
  • Moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and soft
  • Sunscreen or product with SPF to protect skin from damaging UV rays
  • Gentle but powerful cleanser to remove makeup and the day’s dirt
  • Direct acid or toner to help rebalance the skin after exfoliation
  • Target serum (for fighting a specific issue such as dry skin, premature ageing etc)
  • Vitamin A product to encourage skin cell regeneration overnight
  • Heavier moisturiser to sink in and hydrate while you sleep
As well as following these twice-a-day daily regimes, you can apply a bi-weekly treatment such as a clay mask, face peel, or sheet mask. The type of cleanser, toner, cream, serum, or acid that you should use depends on your skin type and what you want to gain from using the product. Always read the product description for more information on which skin types it works best for.

Make sure that you’re applying your skincare in the correct order by following the routines above. In addition, you should apply water-based products first, then oil-based, then emulsion-based. It’s best to go from lightest to heaviest. If you have separate products specifically for your eyes, apply these before products for the face at each step.
It can take up to 4 to 12 weeks to see noticeable results from regularly using Medik8 products. However, you could experience visible changes in your skin within just a few weeks if you use these skincare products correctly – such as a clearer complexion with reduced dryness, texture, and redness.

This will depend on your skin type and its condition when you first start using Medik8, plus what each product is designed to do and how you use them. For the best results, use exactly as directed and maintain a complete skincare routine every day.

Developing healthy skin hygiene habits will also help Medik8 skincare to do its job faster and more effectively. Remember to regularly wash your bed linen and makeup brushes, and even wipe down your phone screen, to avoid transferring blemish-causing bacteria to your face. Avoid unnecessarily touching your face, and never go to bed without washing your face first!

Unfortunately, we cannot provide detailed medical advice regarding Medik8 products, due to the differences between individuals who might use them. We advise that you speak with your midwife or GP to discuss potentially harmful ingredients before using any skincare product.

All Medik8 skincare features a full ingredient list, which you can consult to determine whether a product contains anything that could affect your pregnancy. Your GP or midwife should be able to recommend pregnancy-safe skincare options if you’re not sure what to look for.

As general guidance, we recommend avoiding any Vitamin A, BHA, or AHA products during your pregnancy or while nursing. This includes retinols, salicylic acids, and glycolic acids, particularly in leave-on products. However, this is not an exhaustive list, and you should defer to your doctor.

Medik8 skincare is not fragrance-free, but they do not use synthetic fragrances or harmful amounts of fragrance.

To give their products a pleasant but light scent, such as citrus or spearmint, Medik8 uses a blend of natural oils. These are always included and explained in the ingredients list.

We understand that you may have concerns about the toxicology of essential oils, but Medik8 only uses small amounts of each oil (less than 0.15%) in each product. This ensures that the oils won’t cause micro-inflammation or allergic reactions – the majority of people are not sensitive to them.

In fact, many people actually prefer their skincare to have a light and natural scent, as it makes the experience of applying it more enjoyable.

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