Jessica Geleration Professional Soak Off Gel Polish Job Lot

£780.00 £449.00

We are having a clear out of some product ranges at our Beauty Salon.

This amazing Job Lot consists of 34 bottles with a mixture of new and partly used products. The full cost of the products is £780 but we are offering them for the amazing discounted price of £399. The colours contained within the job lot are listed below.

2 x Jessica Geleration Prep

1  x Jessica Geleration Start

1  x Jessica Geleration Finish

30 x Jessica Geleration Professional Soak Off Gel Polish

GEL-876 Monsoon Melan 1
GEL-961 Fairy Tale 1
GEL-436 Creamy Caramel 1
GEL-433 Guilty Pleasure 1
GEL-719 Monarch 1
GEL-962 Golden Goddess 1
GEL-954 Dusty Rose 1
GEL-485 Blushing Princess 1
GEL-1205 A Toast To Jessica 1
GEL-236 Red Vines 1
GEL-1196 Pearly Platinum 1
GEL-341 Glamour 1
GEL-160 Strawberry Fields 1
GEL-878 Starfish Glow 1
GEL-290 Merlot 1
GEL-492 Dessert Rose 1
GEL-691 Street Swagger 1
GEL-463 Passionate Kisses 1
GEL-1204 Naughty or Nice 1
GEL-660 Buck Naked 1
GEL-946 Silk Sari 1
GEL-409 Tea Rose 1
GEL-415 Bright Lights 1
GEL-359 Palladium 1
GEL-732 Tangerine Dreams 1
GEL-978 Strawberry Daiquiri 1
GEL-747 Sophia True Blue 1
GEL-896 Mad For Madisson 1
GEL-546 Colour Me Calla Lily 1
GEL-542 Birds Of Paradise 1