Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Accumax

Skin Accumax is a brand new, scientifically advanced, nutritional supplement which works from within for clear, flawless skin naturally.

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Are you ready to learn about one of the most scientifically advanced skin supplements out there? Produced by the nationally acclaimed Advanced Nutrition Programme, this Skin Accumax is a brand new, scientifically innovative supplement that is guaranteed to have a positive effect on most skin types. It is specifically designed to naturally give you a clear, faultless complexion and restore your skin to the best possible condition. Want to find out more about Accumax? Be sure to read on…

Skin Accumax Capsules are made to provide the best results after every single-use, meaning it won’t be long until you see the changes in your skin that you’ve been hoping for. To achieve such excellent output, Skin Accumax uses a fully unique and patented ingredient called DIM. By adding this scientifically advanced formula to the other ingredients, it enables them to work together in a much better, productive and coherent way than they would individually. This ‘collective effort’ allows you to receive the results you’re looking for quicker than ever!

So what exactly is DIM? We’re glad you asked. It’s an ingenious plant compound that isn’t found in any other supplement supplied by The SkinClinic Direct. This popular mixture of skin-boosting components is a crucial ingredient in our Accumax product, as it combines to create your ultimate complexion enhancing team! Additionally, we have combined DIM with a unique blend of vitamins that are known for contributing to healthy skin.

Not only do we have a good sell for our Skin Accumax Capsules with positive customer reviews and a wealth of information on its benefits, but we also have the science to back it up! It has been scientifically proven that 4 Accumax Capsules a day for 14 weeks will have a profound effect on the quality of your skin for the better. If it is used on the area of the skin that is causing you trouble, expect to witness incredible results.

Full of vitamins A, C and E, these Skin Accumax Capsules are a guaranteed way of removing any acne that has bothered you for a prolonged period of time, leading to the happy and confident future that you deserve.

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How to Apply


Adults 16 years and over: Take one or two capsules twice a day with meals or as your health professional advises. To get the full benefit of this product, we recommend starting with two Skin Accumax™ twice a day for 14 weeks. However some people choose to take this dosage for several months for best results. After this time you may wish to reduce to one capsule twice a day. Do not exceed stated dosage. This product should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Do not take if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning a pregnancy. If you are under medical supervision, please consult a doctor before use. In the very unlikely event of an adverse reaction to Skin Accumax™ we recommend that you stop taking the product. If problems persist please consult your medical practitioner.

Keep out of the reach of children. Harmless changes in urine colour may occur with the use of this product. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Ingredients: anti-caking agent: tricalcium phosphate, diindolylmethane complex (starch, diindolylmethane, vitamin E [as d-alpha tocopheryl succinate], soy phosphatidyl choline, silica), microcrystalline cellulose (plant fibre), vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), anti-caking agents: magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide, vitamin A (retinyl palmitate).

BioResponse DIM®, licensed from BioResponse LLC. Diindolylmethane is an active nutrient compound identified in broccoli.

Allergy advice: For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

2 capsules typically provide

vitamin A 400µg re 50
vitamin E 9.8mg α-te 81
vitamin C
(ascorbic acid) 20mg 25
(from bioresponse dim) 37.5mg
phosphatidyl choline 9mg
NRV = Nutrient Reference Value
RE = retinol equivalent
α-TE = alpha tocopherol equivalent

NO ADDED dairy, yeast, artificial colourings or flavourings. No wheat or gluten-containing ingredients.