Eczema & Dermatitis are common conditions that affects both children and Adults.

Basically Eczema is an inflammatory disease which is the body’s way of saying something isn’t right. It can present itself as a red rash or a scaly, itchy and irritating and uncomfortable skin condition. It is a noncontagious form of an inflamed and allergic skin rash.

What causes Eczema and Dermatitis?

The immune system of the skin is low making it harder to fight infection.

Essential fatty acid Deficiency causing weak skin due to the cells not having enough fatty acid.

Dry Skin as the skin is unable to retain moisture in the skin

Food intolerance to such things as milk, gluten, eggs and yeast can cause inflammation

Stress, dust allergies, spores and animals can aggravate the situation.

Solutions to Eczema and Dermatitis

Make sure you eat enough good fats in your diet. Oily fish, nuts, seeds and omega 3 and 6 supplement such as skin omegas that we sell in our ANP range.