With Scarring there are many different types of scars, but the one thing that they all have in common is that the skin has become damaged.

Scarring can leave people with significant marks on the skin. These can show through most camouflage and heavy makeup.A child has skin that usually heals very quickly from an injury. Adults skin can take much longer to heal and often we are left with unsightly, scarring after such things as surgery, stretch marks, Chicken Pox and acne.

So why do we scar?

Well, when we start to age, the healing process which involves naturally removing damaged collagen from the wound. This takes longer than when we were young. This prolonged exposure enables free radicals to scar the skin.

Solution to Scarring

There are no quick fixes with scarring, but we have seen some very impressive results from clients using a number of our products.

Using Skin Collagen Support and Skin Essentia AVST 1 after micro-needling with our CIT roller have produced fantastic results.

(Results are dependent on the depth of the scar )

Before & After