Near Dated Stock Assortment

From: £22.00


Amazing Value

Due to a significant over order, we have a number of different products that all contain a near best before date.

Choose from any of the following products. We may ask you to confirm that your skin is used to application of this level of AVST moisturiser which contains active ingredients prior to dispatch. This is purely for your own health and safety and to make sure that you are using the correct products for your skin concern.

1 x Concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Toner (BBE 12/23)

1 X Sebu ACE Oil (BBE 12/23)

4 x Mela Fade Serum System (BBE 01/24)

2 x Serience Night Serum (BBE 01/24)

How to Apply


Please refer to the packaging for direction on ow to apply prior to application



Please refer to the packaging for list of ingredients prior to use.