Footlogix ‘At Home’ Foot File

Lightweight, easy to use, easy to clean and recommended for use at home, in-between pedicures


If you suffer from hard skin and calluses on your feet, you’ll know that as well as being rather unsightly, they can sometimes become painful.

Plantar hyperkeratosis (thick, hardened skin) usually occurs when your feet are put under excess pressure. This can be due to many reasons, but some of the most common are poorly fitting footwear, obesity, and diabetes.

This increase in pressure triggers the body to produce extra keratin, resulting in thickened skin on the feet. As your body attempts to protect your feet from pressure or friction, more and more layers of skin are formed, often hardening, and becoming painful. Fortunately, there is a solution.

An effective way to remove thick skin on the feet

Pumice stones just not cutting it anymore? If you’re looking for a seriously effective but entirely safe way to remove thick, hardened skin from your feet then look no further.

The Footlogix At Home Foot File is a double-sided foot file, made with high quality stainless steel. There are many foot files currently on the market, that are, frankly, nothing short of dangerous. However, the Footlogix At Home Foot File features a multi-directional grit that will not shred the skin.

Far more effective than a pumice stone, but without the associated dangers of many ‘cheese-grater’ style foot files, this product is guaranteed to leave your feet feeling baby-soft and ready for summer.

The Footlogix At Home Foot File is lightweight, simple to use and easy to clean. Its satin-smooth, contoured rubber grip provides optimum comfort.

We recommend this product for use at home (as the name would suggest!), and it’s perfect for in between pedicures.

Soften foot calluses and reveal beautiful, soft skin

Say goodbye to hard skin and calluses for good with the ultimate foot care combination.

We recommend using the Footlogix At Home Foot File in conjunction with Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula to heal any cracks in extremely callused heels.

Alternatively, if you don’t suffer from cracked heels, then Footlogix Daily Maintenance Formula is an excellent moisturising product that partners perfectly with the foot file, to maintain healthy, happy feet.

Got any questions about the Footlogix At Home Foot File?

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