All New Environ Focus Care Youth+ 3D Synerge Filler Creme!

It’s Here…The all New Environ Focus Care Youth+ 3D Synerge Filler Creme

This magnificent new product helps to smooth the look of facial lines and restore a rejuvenated, plumped youthfulness to the skin’s appearance. Hydro-Lipidic 3D Synerge Filler Creme is designed to stimulate the skin’s natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid to smooth the appearance of lines, as well as restore adipose volume, resulting in a plumped, more radiant, and visually rejuvenated appearance.

This product is a significant breakthrough in anti aging. It rejuvenates the skin by improving the visco-elastic properties which significantly decreases deep wrinkles on the skin.

  • Optim Hyal this powerful ingredient helps to stimulate the skin’s own natural Hyaluronic acid to add volume and plump the skin
  • Hyacare 50 low molecular weight Hyaluronic acid to reduce lines and wrinkles
  • Smart Peptide Technology to help smooth, firm and add volume creating a well cushioned skin

Environ Focus Care Youth+ 3D Synerge Filler Creme is now available to purchase…Don’t forget to tag us in your before and after pictures on our Instagram page @theskinclinicdirect

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