Introducing the all new 18 Shades of Cruelty Free BEYOND MATTE™ Liquid Foundation

Introducing NEW Beyond Matte™ Liquid Foundation. Clean, vegan, skin-loving, stay-put and buildable coverage, with a semi-matte finish. A primer, concealer and foundation all in one!

Jane Iredale is home to all of our Skincare Makeup needs. The PurePressed Base Mineral foundation was one of the first of its kind within the make-up industry, and has continued to provide synthetic, oil-free and weightless feeling coverage to women for decades.

The all-new Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation provides game-changing, all-day coverage with a semi-matte finish. It’s a multitasking primer, concealer and foundation all in one. Adaptable colour adjusts to match skin tone as it smooths and evens out your complexion. The long-wearing formula melts into skin and feels ultra-smooth and lightweight.

Packaged in a recyclable glass bottle with an easy-to-dispense pump. With 18 shades, go beyond beautiful with clean, skin-loving mineral makeup.

It’s beyond matte; it’s multi-talented!

Who is it for?

Combination-oily skin or those who prefer a liquid foundation vs a powder to achieve a matte finish.


Light to full, buildable coverage.
Three-in-one primer, foundation, concealer.

Application tips

Light coverage – Blending Brush
Medium coverage – Blending/Contour Brush
Full coverage – Foundation Brush

Free from
Synthetic preservatives & fragrance, talc, GMO, nanoparticles, animal products.


Light to full, buildable coverage.
Three-in-one primer, foundation, concealer.

Application tips

Light coverage – Blending Brush
Medium coverage – Blending/Contour Brush
Full coverage – Foundation Brush

Key Ingredients

The formula has been designed around ingredients that work synergistically to produce the effect of a long-wearing, semi-matte moisturising foundation that controls shine, minimises the appearance of pores, smooths skin and adjusts to the wearer’s skin tone.

PoreTect™ a proprietary blend of Celery Seed extract and Linseed extract work synergistically to:
Minimise the appearance of pores
Smooth uneven texture
Reduces the appearance of shine

Xilogel® (from tamarind seed)
Plant based Hyaluronic Acid
Hydrate & smooth

Jojoba Seed Oil
Closest to the skin’s natural lipids
Resembles skin’s natural sebum

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Keep your skin protected from the sun with Environ Skincare and Jane Iredale Skin Care Makeup

Let’s focus in on some of the best and most versatile SPF Suncare products we have on offer here at The Skin Clinic Direct 

Before we begin the product breakdown – let’s take a look at the reason why the sun is so damaging to the skin.

What is SPF?

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and it indicates how long it will take for ultraviolet B (UVB) rays to redden your skin when you use a sun protection product, compared to how long the skin would take to redden without the product. So, the SPF number gives you some idea of how long you can stay in the sun without burning.

Why is the sun harmful to our skin?

UVB rays were once thought to be the culprits because they penetrate and affect the epidermis, but UVA rays are now known to be equally, if not more damaging.

The aim of a Sunscreen is to minimise the damage that the sun can cause to our skin. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide in Jane Iredale bases physically block UV rays by acting like tiny mirrors on the skin reflecting and refracting the rays.

Some damage can be reversed or minimized but only if the skin is always protected from the sun – that is why it is so important to try and prevent skin damage before it happens. There are many excellent skin care products and nutritional supplements on the market today that can substantially aid the skin in repairing sun damage. But they do little good if they aren’t combined with sun protection – so remember to wear your sunscreen and a hat!

What are the results of skin damage?

Lines, wrinkles and sagging are the direct results of sun damage to the underlying collagen and elastin fibres. Hyperpigmentation can be caused or exacerbated by sun irritation to the melanocytes (the pigment-producing cells), which in turn causes overproduction of melanin, which is in fact the body’s attempt to protect itself. Add in hypopigmented macules, telangiectasias and raised, rough precancerous actinic keratoses (the most common skin precancers) and the result of tanning is not pretty.

Remember – a tan is a sign of injury! More than 90% of the visible signs of aging are due to sun exposure. Try Environ’s RAD SPF 15 Sunscreen, Jane Iredale’s SPF Powder-Me, and the Jane Iredale Mineral Base Foundation with SPF.


Environ’s RAD SPF 15

RAD SPF 15 is a sun protection cream containing sun filters and reflectors to provide SPF 15 sun protection, along with antioxidants, titanium dioxide, beta-carotene and vitamins C and E which help to fight free radicals. One of the great things about this sunscreen from Environ is that it is suitable for all skin types and all ages, including babies older than six months!

What makes it so special is the unique combination of physical and chemical sunscreens offers broad protection against UV-A and UV-B rays. Not only does it provide your skin with the important protection against these harmful rays, but it also supplies the skin with the essential antioxidants necessary for enhanced protection from harmful environmental influences. These are called Free radicals, they are released: when your body breaks down food, and when you are exposed to external irritants such as pollution, radiation or cigarette smoke. This added layer of protection means that Environ’s RAD SPF 15 is a must-have preventative product in delaying the ageing process of the skin.

It’s light, creamy texture is easily applied to the entire body for a smooth, satiny after-feel and it is suitable for use under make-up.

 Powder-Me SPF Dry Sunscreen

Nourish, protect and soothe your skin with this broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen for body, face and scalp that’s water-resistant up to 40 minutes as well as being reef-safe sunscreen.

The feel of this powder is nourishing and soothing. The handy applicator makes for mess-free UVB/UVA SPF 30 protection from the sun. It can also be used sunburn to help soothe inflammation. 

Makeup with SPF

Amazing Base Loose Powder

A loose mineral foundation that gives a sheer to medium coverage with consistency and wearable feel likened to silk. Available in cool (pink undertone), warm (yellow undertone) and neutral shades.

A foundation, powder, concealer and broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 20 UVB/UVA – the perfect makeup item for summertime. It conceals redness and diffuses appearance of fine lines and pores with a soft-focus effect.

Tackling Acne with Environ | Acne Awareness Month

The month of June marks the beginning of #acneawarenessmonth so we at The Skin Clinic Direct thought it would be the perfect opportunity to draw your attention to the some of the best acne solutions around, courtesy of Environ UK, Advanced Nutrition Programme and Jane Iredale.

At the heart of Environ is science, care and beauty. Founder Dr Des Fernandes discovered that the right doses of Vitamin A can counteract the harmful effects of the environment, pollution and stress on the skin. That is exactly what Environ skincare does – delivers the right amount of Vitamin A, alongside other vitamins and anti-oxidants, direct to your skin.

With this in mind, we have outlined the best plan of attack against spots, blemishes and acne from theEnviron’s B-Active Range.

Skincare Routine For Acne-Prone Skin | with Environ

  1. Sebu-wash – a low foaming cleansing gel containing tea tree oil to assist in removing skin debris without drying the skin, while maintaining a natural acid balance.

  2. Sebu-tone clarifier  helps to hydrate and refine skin texture.

  3. Mix equal amounts of Sebu-Lac Lotion and Sebu-ACE Oil in your hands and gently massage the affected areas.

  4. For specific breakouts Sebu-spot helps clear localised impurities and reduces the signs of redness and congestion.

Vitamin A is the only molecule that can help control acne by reducing the appearance of blackheads and white heads, helping to control an inflamed appearance of the skin and helping to inhibit excess sebum.

Over time, increasing doses of vitamin A help normalise skin cells to the point where breakouts occur less frequently and are less visible.

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Pure Skin Hydration with Skin Omega Supplements

What is The Advanced Nutrition Programme?

The Advanced Nutrition Programme is a premium, science-led range of supplements. They support healthy skin and help enhance your overall wellbeing. Free from artificial preservatives, colours, flavourings, PCBs and fillers. Also with no added sugar, salt, soya, wheat, gluten, yeast, lactose or dairy products.

Advanced Nutrition Programme believe that if you only treat skin topically (certain areas) you are missing a major factor in skin care efficacy. To achieve healthy skin – you must start from the inside.

What are Skin Omegas?

Today, we’ll be talking about Skin Omegas – the perfect companion to your skincare regime.

Skin Omegas contain Vitamin A which is a key ingredient for skin health. They contain optimum levels of EPA (an important omega 3) along with GLA (an important omega 6) made from Evening Primrose Oil.

Do Skin Omegas work? 

“Women lacking in Omega 3 can suffer from dehydration, spotty areas, breakouts and general poor skin health. After a month of trialling Skin Omegas+, our tester said her skin seemed less dry and a whole lot more bouncy.” – Good Housekeeping | May 2015 Edition

Made with premium, clinically researched omega 3 from EPAX, a world leading supplier known for its purity, quality and innovation. These supplements hold a Friend of the Sea certificate, meaning that the Omega 3 is sourced using methods that conserve marine habitats and resources.

How do I take them?

Sold in either 60 or 80 capsule size packages, take 2 capsules daily with a meal or as your health professional advises, and enjoy the benefits!

Advanced Nutrition Programme recommend to take one of their multi-vitamins in conjunction with the skin range of vitamins to receive the widest range of benefits. 

Shop Skin Omegas and more of the ANP range below:


Introducing the Focus Care™ Skin Tech+ Range

It’s finally here, Environ’s Focus Care Clarity+ range

The Ultimate Skincare Technology by Envrion

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