Holiday Skin Care Tips for Smooth, Even and Firm Skin

It’s that time of year again – time for some holiday skin care!

Who doesn’t want nourished, soft and glowing skin in time for the holidays? The Body Range from Environ will help you to achieve the kind of holiday skin you deserve.

Environ offers an effective range of Body care products that work in harmony with your preferred Environ face products.

In this Beauty Blog post we have decided to highlight just a few of the products in the range. This shortlist of body care essentials will be sure to have your skin feeling and looking smoother, improved texture and tone, and more radiant in time for your summer holidays.

A, C & E Oil 

  • This vitamin enriched body oil from Environ is a multi-functional oil rich in vitamins and antioxidants that leaves skin feeling and looking soft & velvety. 
  • It helps to improve the appearance of fine lines, uneven tone and sun-damaged skin

For best results follow these steps:

  • Apply to your body in a thin layer twice a day after a shower or bath
  • Massage into your skin and follow with your preferred Environ Sunscreen

Versatility – This oil is extremely versatile and can be used as an all over body treatment, a face moisturiser for problematic skin, and mixed in to enhance your favourite Environ moisturiser.

This Oil can be used in conjunction with Derma-lac lotion and/or with one of the Environ Instruments to assist firming and toning the appearance of skin.

Derma-Lac Lotion 

This lotion is light, easy-to-apply that helps to energise the appearance of dull and tired skin

A lightly fragranced lotion that helps to soften he texture of rough areas on your skin, such as elbows and heels, whilst also helping to boost the effects of skins moisture levels.

It helps re-energise dull, tired-looking skin, and assists in gently exfoliating the skin and in improving the appearance of skin tone and texture, leaving it looking healthy and beautiful.

  • softens the texture of rough, calloused skin.
  • Re-energises the appearance of dull skin so that it looks visibly improved and more radiant.
  • Speeds up the appearance of skin renewal, leaving it looking smooth and refreshed.

How to Use for best results:

Apply to your entire body, morning and evening, to help soften and create the appearance of smoother skin.

For the best overall body care, always use with your recommended Environ vitamin A body products

Combat the feeling of very dry skin and dry climatic conditions by using on the fact as an occasional hydrating boost.

Body Profile

A gently moisturising body sculpting gel containing plant extracts that assist in firming and conditioning the skin, leaving it looking radiant youthful and feeling silky soft and supple.

This body sculpting gel has been scientifically developed to assist in firming and conditioning the skin, as well as in improving the appearance of uneven skin texture such on the hips, thighs, buttocks, tummy and arms – which is why this product is so perfect for your holiday skin care! 

Skin is left looking and feeling smoother and more radiantly resilient.

Assists in firming the appearance of your skin texture, leaving it looking more supple and youthful.

  • Helps to refine the appearance of your skin tone.
  • Assists in gently moisturising the look of your skin, giving it a softer, silky appearance.
  • To optimise efficacy, use Body Profile in conjunction with Environ’s Electro-Sonic DF Mobile Skin Care Device which will assist to deliver more essential nutrients to where the skin needs them most.

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