Environ Cosmetic Derma-Roller CIT (0.1mm Needles)

The Cosmetic Roll-CIT derma-roller improves the absorption of Environ anti-ageing products for even better and faster results.


Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT

Skincare experts Environ are enabling micro-needling enthusiasts to perform their own derma-rolling treatments at home with the Cosmetic Roll-CIT device. Featuring 108 stainless steel micro-needles at 0.1mm thickness, this popular tool provides a smooth rolling action for easy use.

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How to Apply


Before you start micro-needling to improve the absorption of Environ Vitamin A skincare, you must already be on Level 2 or above of the Environ Step-Up System.

You must have used 1-2 bottles of AVST 1 Moisturiser and at least 1 bottle of AVST 2 Moisturiser before adding derma-rolling to your routine as follows:


1) Rinse the Cosmetic Roll-CIT head using clean, warm, running water before use.

2) Thoroughly cleanse and tone the areas of skin you intend to use the derma-roller on using your preferred Environ cleanser and toner.

3) Roll each section of skin 6-8 times vertically and then 6-8 times horizontally, using a firm but gentle pressure – lifting the tool away from the skin between each roll to avoid dragging.

4) Continue rolling for 3-5 minutes until completing the entire face and neck (avoid eyelids).

5) Rinse your face with clean water, then apply your usual Environ skincare products and allow them to absorb (e.g. moisturisers, serums, gels).

6) Do not apply retinol, Vitamin C, or makeup products directly after derma-rolling.

7) Clean the derma-roller using warm water and tea tree solution before returning it to the storage container.


Begin by micro-needling with the Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT twice a week in the evening.

If your skin responds well to this treatment, you can gradually increase your usage until you’re derma-rolling for 3-5 minutes every day.

Be sure to clean your derma-roller before and after every use, and do not allow anyone else to use it – the instrument is for use by one person only.

Environ Instrument Cleaning Solution is available for advised weekly deep-cleaning.

Keep away from children; do not drop the instrument or damage the needles.



Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT features a plastic handle and plastic roller head, with 108 surgical-grade stainless steel micro-needles sharpened to 0.1mm for precise derma-rolling.

Comes with a protective plastic container for safe and hygienic storage.

Approximate dimensions: 175mm x 75mm x 75mm (100g)

Shelf life: Do not use for more than 12 months after opening/first use.

Warning: Do not use retinol for at least 5 days before derma-rolling.