Advanced Nutrition Programme Food Intolerance Test

Dry skin, breakouts and rashes can all be signs of a food intolerance. With our NEW Food Intolerance Test, a simple finger prick test will establish if you have any intolerances.


If you are intolerant to a food a sign could be dry skin, a rash or a breakout. Here at The Skin Clinic Direct with our new Food Intolerance Test from Advanced Nutrition Programme, a small finger prick test is all that is need to determine if you’re intolerant to anything.

Once you have used your Food Tolerance Test all you need to do is to send your finger prick sample to our partners, Cambridge Nutritional Sciences. They will then assess your sample and will provide you with a simple yes or no answer. It will not be able to show you which ingredients or foods you may be allergic to, but at least you will be notified that a specific food could be a problem.

What if I have an intolerance?

If your results come back to you and you are intolerant to a food, you can choose to undergo a more comprehensive test from just £96. You have seven different options covering a large selection of food types. The same blood sample is used, and you will be able to deal directly with the laboratory to arrange the upgrade of your Food Intolerance Test.

We ensure that this nutrition test is as easy as possible so you can receive the quickest and most accurate results. This is done so you can identify the problem foods that could be giving your skin an irritable, painful reaction.

Please take note that the Advanced Nutrition Programme Food Intolerance Test only available to customers in the UK. For any further details please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 01744 736170. Alternatively, get in touch via

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.