Acne and Breakout Treatment

Troubled with acne and breakouts? You’re not on your own. This is one of the most common problems people get in touch about here at The Skin Clinic Direct, and we stock a range of excellent acne skincare products to tackle the issue.

What are the causes of acne and breakouts?

There are many things that can trigger spots and have you reaching for the acne cream. The biggest culprit is usually hormonal changes – so you might find you’re more troubled when your period is due. Stress can also play a part, with stress hormones quickly building up and impacting on the condition of your skin.

How to treat acne and breakouts using acne products

The good news is that acne treatment is possible using our range of skincare products. A complete skincare routine is recommended for the best results.  It is essential to cleanse the affected areas of the skin rather than stripping it. The Skin Clinic Direct stocks products that help cleanse the skin using Vitamin A which are available on site.

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