Environ Skin Instruments

We have a selection of Skincare Instruments available from Environ here on The Skin Clinic Direct Online Beauty Boutique. They might seem a little daunting at first, so we have put together a short introduction into Skin Instruments.

Starting with derma-rolling or micro-needling, as it is also known. This has recently exploded in the skincare and beauty communities as a revolutionary method of delivering the essential vitamins and nutrients into the skin. These tools should be used alongside Environ products in order to get the most out of derma-rolling, and the products themselves.

Environ has the Cosmetic Focus-CIT  which is a small, hand-held stamp needling instrument embedded with durable stainless steel 0.1mm micro-needles. It is small enough to allow you to focus on specific problem areas, and smaller more difficult to reach areas of the face such as the upper lip and eye area.

We also have the Cosmetic Roll-CIT which provides a similar function but with a larger roller device, ideal for use on the whole face and neck.

These tools are designed to be used in conjunction with Environ products. They aid the deep penetration into the skin of important vitamins in Environ products. Tiny needles puncture through the outermost layer of the skin, prompting the natural wound healing process, and allowing environ products to penetrate the skin further

Dr Des Fernandes, Environ Founder and Scientific Director says that “skin needling induced collagen and elastic production” and that “the procedure can be safely repeated until the desired effect is achieved”


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