Tackling Acne with Environ | Acne Awareness Month

The month of June marks the beginning of #acneawarenessmonth so we at The Skin Clinic Direct thought it would be the perfect opportunity to draw your attention to the some of the best acne solutions around, courtesy of Environ UK, Advanced Nutrition Programme and Jane Iredale.

At the heart of Environ is science, care and beauty. Founder Dr Des Fernandes discovered that the right doses of Vitamin A can counteract the harmful effects of the environment, pollution and stress on the skin. That is exactly what Environ skincare does – delivers the right amount of Vitamin A, alongside other vitamins and anti-oxidants, direct to your skin.

With this in mind, we have outlined the best plan of attack against spots, blemishes and acne from theEnviron’s B-Active Range.

Skincare Routine For Acne-Prone Skin | with Environ

  1. Sebu-wash – a low foaming cleansing gel containing tea tree oil to assist in removing skin debris without drying the skin, while maintaining a natural acid balance.

  2. Sebu-tone clarifier  helps to hydrate and refine skin texture.

  3. Mix equal amounts of Sebu-Lac Lotion and Sebu-ACE Oil in your hands and gently massage the affected areas.

  4. For specific breakouts Sebu-spot helps clear localised impurities and reduces the signs of redness and congestion.

Vitamin A is the only molecule that can help control acne by reducing the appearance of blackheads and white heads, helping to control an inflamed appearance of the skin and helping to inhibit excess sebum.

Over time, increasing doses of vitamin A help normalise skin cells to the point where breakouts occur less frequently and are less visible.

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