Environ Focus-On Clear Looking Skin


Environs Focus On Clean, Controlled, Clear-Looking Skin set is back by popular demand!

What’s in the set?

1 x Sebu ACE Oil (Full Size) This product provides your skin with essential oils and A, C and E vitamins to help your skin gain control of your skin concern.

1 x Sebu LAC Lotion (Full Size)  This product calms redness and tenderness of the skin and improves your skins texture and skin tone.

1 x Sebu Masque (Full Size)  This product improves the appearance of Acne and Breakout prone skin allowing better and quicker skin rejuvenation.

1 x Complimentary Full Size Sebu Wash Gel Cleanser (Worth £34). Our best selling foaming gel cleanser is perfectly designed to help with acne and problematic skin.

Set is worth £156 – SCD Price – £122!

How to Apply


Please refer to the packaging for details of application prior to use.



Please refer to packaging for a list of ingredients prior to use.